10,000 jobs might be cut by Amazon this week.

Up to 10,000 jobs might be cut by Amazon this week.

The newest digital behemoth to announce layoffs is Amazon. The e-commerce giant plans to make the greatest layoffs in its history by eliminating 10,000 employees, or around 3% of its staff, according to a report published by the New York Times on Monday.10,000 jobs might be cut by Amazon this week.

According to the Times, the layoffs will primarily impact the division in charge of Alexa voice services, as well as those employed by the company’s retail and human resources departments. The layoffs might start as soon as this week.
A request for comment from Amazon did not receive a prompt response.

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These most recent cuts follow a drop in sales. Even though Amazon’s third quarter earnings improved, total profits fell short of projections. Amazon has thus started reducing several areas of its company.
The company’s robot home delivery program, Amazon Scout, has just come to a standstill thanks to CEO Andy Jassy. He also shut down the long-running online fabric retailer Fabric.com as well as the tele-health and nursing service Amazon Care. According to the Times, between April and September, the company’s headcount was reduced by about 80,000 as a result of the cuts and high attrition.

Elon Musk starts Twitter layoffs

In September, Amazon announced a recruiting moratorium for small teams, which was followed by a corporate-wide moratorium earlier this month.
The upcoming layoffs at Amazon are an example of the turmoil the IT sector is experiencing. Among the tech firms that have recently let go of employees are Twitter, Microsoft, Meta, and Google.

Source: cnet

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