A useful new feature is coming to WhatsApp soon.

A useful new feature is coming to WhatsApp soon.


A useful new feature is coming to WhatsApp soon for all user. WhatsApp has added a lot of new features during the past few weeks. This time, the company is introducing a new multi-device capability. In the future version of WhatsApp, you will be able to communicate with yourself on connected devices.

Being able to text oneself is useful if you need to quickly save some important information that you might need later. Sadly, only their primary device has access to the chat; linked devices are not able to see it. As a result, WhatsApp is developing this new feature to let users send messages to themselves across different devices.

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Like any other contact or group, the conversation can be found in the list by performing a search. If you log in using another device, the chat that was saved in the database will be fully shown. If you delete the message from your primary device, it will likewise be removed from the other devices. When you delete a chat or other piece of media from the primary device, it also deletes it from any connected devices. You may create lists on the iPhone, broadcast them to all connected devices, and view real-time whereabouts.

The screenshot was taken from WhatsApp’s beta version, where it was searchable and tapable to open. It is not currently available in the public WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android, but it will be soon.

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Additionally, you will now have the option to listen to your own recorded message before sending it to someone, saving you from any potential awkward situations.

Press and hold the microphone icon to record a voice message, then slide up to enter hands-free recording mode to use this feature. When finished, press the play button after tapping the stop button in the center to preview your message.

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