AC Milan and Inter Licensed Clubs in eFootball 2023

AC Milan and Inter Are Licensed Clubs in eFootball 2023: What You Should Know


On Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, eFootball 2023 is now available.

AC Milan and Inter Licensed Clubs in eFootball 2023 next. eFootball 2023 is currently available on all significant platforms and smartphones. The newest edition/content update for Konami’s yearly football simulation franchise was released on Thursday. With the summer moves reflected in their squads, AC Milan and Inter are this year’s free-to-play title’s legally licensed teams. Fans should anticipate significant upgrades to the eFootball series, which at the moment has “mostly poor” Steam reviews. On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, as well as Android and iOS for mobile devices, eFootball 2023 is now available. The ‘Epic’ 96-rated Wesley Sneijder, a former Inter player, and the 82-rated Clarence Seedorf of AC Milan are two notable examples. 

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Liverpool FC and Konami do not have a licensing agreement. Because of the studio’s continued solid relations with FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, and Manchester United FC, Bruno Fernandes has a player card specifically for the team. 

The 2022 and PES Lites versions of eFootball are no longer available on Steam, and the 2023 version is only available as a 39.75GB update download.  It fully got rid of the PES moniker last year. The first game in the series to use the Unreal Engine 4 was eFootball 2022. The free-to-play game had terrible graphics, sluggish response times, and unequal ball mechanics, which did not go well for the company. It was also severely lacking in content, with only nine playable teams and a single entry into an online tournament.

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To help your dream team reach the “next level,” Konami is launching a “Manager Pack” with eFootball 2023. This is not to be confuse with a manager’s career. In eFootball’s Ultimate Team mode, football greats Fabio Cannavaro and Johan Cruyff will provide tactical tips to help you play better.

Players can now base their dream team on national teams rather than just club teams. Additionally, you can now farm event prizes while AI-simulated Tour Events take place.

On Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, eFootball 2023 is currently available. To play, users must either register for a Konami account or log in.

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