Amazon delay recent graduates in an effort to save money


Amazon delay recent graduates in an effort to save money

The Amazon delay the joining dates for certain new graduates. Who were suppos to begin working there in May in an effort to save money.  Now Amazon delay recent graduates in an effort to save money.

 The students won’t be allowed to begin until the end of 2023, according to the company. According to an email acquired by the Financial Times, regardless of whether they desire to keep working for the company, a one-time payment of $13,000 has been given to anybody affected.

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According to Brad Glasser, a representative for Amazon some of our college hires are TO their start dates push back by up to six months owing to the challenging economic environment.

“In order to uncover the upcoming generation of innovators and leaders. Amazon is still committ to utilizing its internship program and university recruiting,” he add.

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 The firm reportedly refused to say how many of its graduate hires would be affected. Additionally, it has been reported that Amazon will lay off about 20,000 employees in the coming days in order to save money.

The IT titan laid off 10,000 employees last month, or 3% of its workforce.

According to a report, a number of departments, including the Luna cloud gaming division and the Alexa virtual assistant company, have been impact by the significant employment cuts. Employees of corporations receiv notices that they . Amazon has 1.5 million workers.

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