Amazon will lose over 18000 workers : CEO

Amazon will lose over 18000 workers : CEO

According to the CEO of the digital behemoth, Amazon, it plans to eliminate more than 18,000 jobs in order to reduce expenses. Amazon will lose over 18000 workers : CEO

The reductions affect around 6% of the company’s 300,000-person corporate staff. As consumers cut back on spending due to the cost of living problem, Amazon is the most recent large technology business to announce significant layoffs.


The software juggernaut previously said last year that it would slash its personnel. “We are giving packages that consist of separation compensation, transitional health insurance coverage, and outside job placement assistance to help people who are affected,” Mr. Jassy added.

He said, “Amazon has endured unstable and challenging markets in the past, and we will continue to do so.” Where relevant in Europe, Mr. Jassy said the company will speak with organizations that represent employees, although he did not say where the impacted employees were based.

Additionally, he stated that the People, Experience, and Tech team and the Amazon Stores operation will see the “bulk of position eliminations.” Amazon will lose over 18000 workers : CEO

“More pain ahead.”

Amazon said in November that it would begin a round of layoffs as it focused on cutting costs, but it did not specify how many employees it would eliminate.

The company said it had overhired during the epidemic and had previously implemented a hiring freeze and stopped some of its warehouse expansions.

Additionally, it has made efforts to close off some areas of its operations by shelving plans for things like a personal delivery robot.

“Long-lasting businesses go through many stages.” “They don’t constantly have huge population growth going on,” he added. According to Ray Wang of the Silicon Valley-based firm Constellation Research, “tech businesses would frequently dismiss only the poorest 1% to 3% of their personnel prior to the epidemic.”

Wedbush Securities’ Dan Ives stated that he thinks Amazon will have “further pain ahead” as consumers tighten their purse strings. Jassy is pulling off the bandage to protect margins because Amazon is experiencing worse macroeconomic conditions, he claimed. Amazon will lose over 18000 workers : CEO

Sector-wide reductions

Tens of thousands of jobs are being lost throughout the worldwide IT sector as a result of sluggish sales and mounting worries about a recession.

Meta, which owns Facebook, stated in November that it would reduce its employment by 13% There will be 11,000 job losses from an overall workforce of 87,000 due to the social media company’s first major layoffs.

Chief Executive of Meta:

The adjustments, according to Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Meta, were “the most challenging changes we’ve ever done.” The report came after Twitter made significant personnel reductions, cutting almost half of its workforce after multi-billionaire Elon Musk acquired the company in October. Amazon will lose over 18000 workers to save costs: CEO.

According to LinkedIn posts made by employees who claimed to have experienced job losses, Amazon began terminating employees as early as November. Posts seen by the BBC included those from employees in Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant business, Luna cloud gaming platform division, and Lab 126, the operation behind the Kindle e-reader.

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