Amazon’s Approach to Barcode Destruction


Amazon’s Approach to Barcode Destruction.

Amazon intends to deploy cameras that can detect objects using computer vision. Robots will eventually be supported by the system. Amazon’s Approach to Barcode Destruction.

Robots may rule the world in the future as artificial technology develops, but their robotic arms are not adept at using one of the most enduring forms of technology: the barcode. Due to the difficulty of reading barcodes on objects with unusual shapes, robots find it difficult to solve barcode problems. On Friday, the company disclosed its ambitions to do away with barcodes.

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To guarantee that the things resemble their representations, the e-commerce behemoth has developed a camera system that can watch items moving one at a time down conveyor belts. Amazon’s AI experts and roboticists thus want to combine the technology with robots in the near future. that is able to identify objects when they are picked up and rotated around.

Nontas Antonakos, an applied science manager at Amazon’s computer vision department in Berlin, emphasized the need for finding a solution so that robots can pick up products and process them without having to locate and scan a bar code. However, it will enable us to deliver items to clients faster and more precisely.

The method is now being used, according to Amazon, in Hamburg, Germany, and Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, the business claims that it is already accelerating the time needed to handle parcels there.

The technology will be used throughout Amazon’s operations. People may thus be able to view a copy of it in a Whole Foods or another store controlled by Amazon.

The problem that the technology resolves, according to Amazon, is the delivery of goods to customers. However, when you think about how many products a warehouse handles each day, Even minor errors can cause noticeable delays. A database of product photos was being compiled by Amazon AI specialists.

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The accuracy is currently 99%, according to the company.When the system first struggled to distinguish between hues, issues arose. During the prime day offer, the system was unable to discriminate between two distinct hues of Echo Dots.

The only thing that separated the packets, though, was a little dot that was either blue or gray. With the ability to quickly assign confidence scores to ratings, the system may now only flag items that it is very certain are erroneous.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to fine-tune a multi-model identification system in order to evaluate what people will handle.

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