An analysis fluid ViewSonic XG2431 gaming display.

An analysis of the gorgeous, speedy, and fluid ViewSonic XG2431 gaming display.


The ViewSonic XG2431, an FHD monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, a fast response time, and high-quality color reproduction, is expensive. Is it worth it? For additional information, see our in-depth assessment. An analysis of the gorgeous, speedy, and fluid ViewSonic XG2431 gaming display.

Gaming monitors with a high refresh rate are nothing new, but it can be challenging to locate one that that produces excellent graphics.

especially if you want to avoid spending a lot of money on the same. But one monitor I just looked at manages to do both while also including a few cool added features. The following is a comprehensive review of the ViewSonic XG2431 gaming monitor. Let’s start with the specs that are readily available.

ViewSonic XG2431 specifications:

With an aspect ratio of 16:9, a frame rate of 240 Hz, a response time of 0.5 Hz, two HDMI + DP inputs, two USB 3.0 Type A ports, and a 3.5mm audio socket, the 24-inch IPS display supports AMD FreeSync.

How are things going with the ViewSonic XG2431?

Build and create

When you pull the 24-inch monitor out of the packaging, you can immediately tell that it is well-made. Almost none of the bending or creaking edges are present. The right bottom of the chin houses all the controls, giving you a practically frameless appearance that looks great in any setup. After the initial few attempts, pushing and finding these without looking is simple.

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Anyone who has ever used a ViewSonic display should be familiar with the user interface that appears when any of these buttons is pressed. You can then switch between all the options and pre-set modes.

Also supported are VESA mounts, which is perfect whether you have a single- or dual-monitor VESA.

A display case

Although it has a fairly plain appearance, the monitor stand that comes with the ViewSonic XG2431 can be rapidly adjusted for height and tilt in both the vertical and horizontal directions without the use of a tool.

To change the height or tilt, simply push the display with two fingers, and you’re ready to go. The monitor’s weight keeps it from collapsing on its own even after extended use in terms of height.

Showcase excellence

Instead of the dull, washed-out colors you find on non-IPS panels, which are typically utilized on other gaming monitors, you get a bright display and gorgeous colors with the XG2431. This is wonderful for games like Spider-Man Remastered.

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You must first enable HDR support on the monitor through Windows’ ‘Display Settings’ menu to get even better visuals with darker media/games. Both my Nvidia RTX 2060 and an older GTX 1050 Ti worked well when I tried the monitor with them.

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