Apple Watch patent issues are a concern for Apple.

Apple Watch patent issues are a concern for Apple.

A medical technology business named Masimo sued Apple in 2020 over the Watch Series 6’s blood oxygen monitoring features. Apple Watch patent issues are a concern for Apple.


The business claimed that with the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 6 that year, the Cupertino-based tech giant violated 10 of its pulse oximeter patents.

Apple was found “guilty” of violating a patent.

Now that Apple has been found guilty of violating one of Masino’s pulse oximeter patents, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) is considering banning the import of Apple Watch devices starting with the Series 6 model.

According to the ITC ruling, Apple  not violate the other nine patents that the Cupertino behemoth was charge with violating. The judge disregarded Apple’s claim that its Watch Series 6 with light-based pulse oximetry violated one patent, though.

Apple Watch models 6 and later could soon be prohibite in the US.

The International Trade Commission has been informe of the situation, and at Masimo’s request, it will now decide whether to impose an import restriction on Apple Watches.

The Watch Series 6 and beyond, including the more recent Apple Watch SE 2 and Watch Ultra, which have blood oxygen monitoring functions, will be impacte by the decision.

By May 10, the verdict is anticipat to be render.

Apple is accuse of stealing trade secrets by Masimo.

Masimo and Apple have a lengthy relationship. Apple made an effort to collaborate with Masimo in 2013. The CEO of the medical technology business, however, claims that Apple planned to steal their staff.

Later in 2013, Apple was successful in luring away numerous workers from Masimo in exchange for high wages, including its chief medical officer. These people had access to private information and trade secrets that belonged to the firm.

Masimo file a lawsuit against Apple in 2020, accusing them of stealing trade secrets, and demand that Apple Watches not be sale in the US. A year later, the business accused the Cupertino behemoth of violating patents.


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