Cybersecurity company establish additional offices

Jungle Disk, a cybersecurity company, has additional offices south of the city center.

Cybersecurity compan

 A cybersecurity services company called Jungle Disk will relocate its operations to a former restaurant in Southtown, which it is renovating to include several solar panels.

Following its 2016 separation from Rackspace, the business last year made a number of acquisitions to rank as the second-largest privately held tech company in San Antonio in terms of sales. Bret Piatt, the CEO of the business, claime that the changes were made with pandemic-era sensibilities in an effort .

According to Piatt, the outside area might be use nine months out of the year. With the help of fans and shade, even the summer heat can be controlled.

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The building’s design, according to Piatt, “fits as many solar [panels] as we could.” In addition to the building’s high ceilings, natural window placement, landscaping, and other energy-efficient characteristics, the panels will cover the building’s roof as well as the patio outside. The man stated that we considered how to make the building’s energy appropriate for this piece of land and sustainable.

The building was once a Mexican restaurant and is situated adjacent to an auto shop and a flower shop at the intersection of West Drexel Avenue and South Presa Street. Additionally, Piatt noted that the closeness to two coffee shops and a brewery would be advantageous for Jungle Disk staff. He stated, “Our people want the office to be a part of the community.” For the zip code 78210, the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 data on demographics reveals that 83% of residents are Hispanic and that roughly 20% of households are poor.

According to county records, Porthcawl Holdings, the private equity company that acquired Jungle Disk from Rackspace in 2016 and supported its expansion the previous year, bought the property in February of last year. The land is locate in a district designate for general industry.

Instagram: the exact location is never disclose.

Jungle Disk is currently based out of an office space on Soledad Street downtown, roughly within the city’s emerging tech district, a collection of tech ventures along Houston Street that is home to the Geekdom co-working space, Scaleworks, and other businesses. According to Piatt, Jungle Disk employs 30–40 people in San Antonio and 120 people globally.

One of Jungle Disk’s private equity backers, Dry Line, stated last year that the cybersecurity company would probably move into another location in the tech zone. A 2-mile journey south of that route will bring you to the proposed office. According to Piatt, “our tech district is expanding.” Although it seems far south of San Antonio, South Presa and Hemisfair Park are separate by a mile.

According to David Heard, CEO of Tech Bloc, an organization that has long fought for the creation of a dense tech corridor in the city, the real value of that downtown area is as an incubator for new businesses. But when those businesses expand, he claimed, the need for real estate will drive them towards Southtown.


Heard praised the new office design as a stunning illustration of the “varied advances we’re going to receive as internet organizations grow and mature.” He claimed it was a victory for the city’s tech sector and might assist the city in drawing and keeping industry talent. Employees might start working at the office by the end of the year or early the following year, according to Piatt, if development proceeds according to plan.

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