Ecologists want to plant a forest on Mars.


Ecologists want to plant a forest on Mars.

In light of NASA’s aspirations to establish colonies, Paul Smith suggests a scheme to develop a terraformed environment with woods on Mars. Now Ecologists want to plant a forest on Mars.

After performing study, University of Bristol ecologist Paul Smith developed a proposal to plant forests on Mars, advocating long-term habitation together with local nature preserves.

Smith intends to build a terraformed settlement on Mars that would allow the human population to expand without destroying the planet’s natural landscape. The idea was presented in the Journal of Astrobiology, but Mars’ arid, frigid terrain and lack of atmosphere make it unlikely that people will take a stroll for a new experience there.

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It would be difficult to grow plants on Mars without a protection against cosmic rays and ultraviolet light, pressurized air, artificial heating, a lot of extra water, and a mechanism to dispose of hazardous chemicals. However, Smith advises building a lava tube out of martian rocks to filter damaging wavelengths and a transparent pressurized dome to prevent UV light.

Smith claimed that while Mars’ woods wouldn’t look or operate exactly like those on Earth, they may nonetheless be amazing.” Even if NASA and other space organizations are planning to establish a permanent colony on the planet, scientists think there are very little odds of a forest developing there.

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Astronomer Chris McKay told Inverse that the idea is perhaps the most extensive study of what happened after a first human base on Mars, which would feature a small greenhouse for food production, and before attempts to fully terraform Mars . It is still a long way from terraforming the planet, he says.

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