EU penalties for the journalists’ ban on Twitter


EU penalties for the journalists’ ban on Twitter

The EU threatened to penalize Twitter’s founder Elon Musk after numerous journalists’ accounts that were covering the firm were abruptly suspend. EU penalties for the journalists’ ban on Twitter.

The New York Times, CNN, and Washington Post journalists were among those who were unable to access their accounts.

Vera Jourova, an EU commissioner, said that the EU’s Digital Services Act must be follow in order to protect media freedom.

“Elon Musk should be aware of that. There are lines in red. shortly, sanctions “she was tweet.

She said, “News about the arbitrary suspension of journalists on Twitter is worrying. 

Mr. Musk tweet:

Mr. Musk tweeted that the accounts he said were implicat would be temporarily disable for seven days as a result of “doxxing,” which is the word for the online disclosure of personal information about someone.

He said on Twitter that “journalists” must abide by the same anti-doxxing legislation as everyone else.

kisasian was previously advise by a Twitter official that the prohibition only pertain to the live sharing of location data.

In October, Mr. Musk purchase control of Twitter in a $44 billion ($36 billion) deal.

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Mr. Musk reveale it after threatening to sue the owner of a profile that tracks his private jet. He said that using live location sharing, a “crazy stalker” had locate and approach a car carrying his children in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, Twitter suspended both the @ElonJet account and the personal account of its 20-year-old owner, Jack Sweeney.

Since then, Mr. Musk has threatened legal action against him and “organizations who promote harm to my family.”

The EU sanctions may be put into effect through the new Digital Services Act, which is now being evaluate by the EU Parliament but might become a law by the end of the next year.


The propose new law states that the EU Commission will have the power to fine a business up to 6% of its worldwide revenue if it is found to be breaking the regulations.

In extreme cases, the EU may ask a court to halt a service if it is “refusing to comply with important regulations and so endangering people’s lives and safety.”

A Mashable journalist name Matt Binder, one of those who had been suspend, insist he had no idea why he had been block.

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