Facebook has prohibited the promotion of ”this movie.”

Facebook has prohibited the promotion of this movie, and here’s why.


Meta-owned According to a Rolling Stone report, Facebook has forbidden the creators of the Holocaust drama “Beautiful Blue Eyes” from promoting or advertising the movie on its platforms due to the title’s violation of the company’s policy against content that “includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s race,” among other personal attributes. Facebook has prohibited the promotion of this movie, and here’s why.

The title of the movie alludes to a child’s eye color who appears in a crucial sequence. Joshua Newton, a British filmmaker, is the movie’s director.

According to the rumors, the filmmaker learned that Facebook had chosen to enact the ban in early September after receiving an email from Peter Ruppert.  A digital media buyer for the movie’s distributor, MovieFarm.

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The final movie that legendary actor Roy Scheider appeared in was called Beautiful Blue Eyes. In 2008, he passed away. A retire police officer seeks retaliation against an elderly man whom he believes to be the Nazi who murder his family during World War II, according to the movie’s IMDB description. This is the trailer. According to director Joshua Newton, the movie open in 431 theaters in the US on September 9.  A negative impact from the restriction is now anticipate.

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The story quotes Newton as saying, “Every good and rational human being on this earth should be horrified by Meta-restriction Facebook’s.  ” “Mark Zuckerberg has produced an uncontrollable beast. Being note by an algorithm is one thing. It’s another for Meta-Facebook staff members to study the flag and defend it, fully aware that the title is not offensive and that the movie is about the Holocaust, according to reports.

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