Facebook has trouble managing all the data it collects


Facebook has trouble managing all the data it collects: Report says

According to Vice, it’s challenging to explain what happens to user data because of the social network’s open nature. Now the Facebook has trouble managing all the data it collects: Report says

According to Vice, Facebook’s ad systems have issues keeping up with the volume of user data they collect, and the social network’s privacy experts have issued a warning that it may encounter problems with authorities in the US, Europe, India, and other nations.

In a supposedly leaked paper from last year, the engineers said that the “open boundaries” of the system that Facebook parent corporation Meta has created are the problem.

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“Imagine that you are holding an ink bottle in your hand. This ink bottle contains a variety of user data. You drop that ink into a body of water (our open data culture, our open data systems)…It also flows everywhere. “They composed.” How do you refill? How can you arrange it once more such that it only goes to the designated locations in the lake?

Because of this, it can be challenging to reassure outside parties that data isn’t being used in ways that go beyond what laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, will permit.

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In a response to CNET, Meta said that the paper lacked context for the data lake comparison and failed to disclose its “extensive processes and controls” to adhere to rules.

According to a company spokesperson who responded to requests for comment via email, “New privacy regulations across the globe introduce different requirements, and this document reflects the technical solutions we’re building to scale the current measures we have in place to manage data and meet our obligations.”

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