Feature to Choose Multiple Chats in WhatsApp Desktop

 Feature to Choose Multiple Chats in WhatsApp Desktop Beta: Report

The availability of the multiple conversations functionality for desktop has not been confirm by WhatsApp. Feature to Choose Multiple Chats in WhatsApp Desktop.

According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a new function that would enable users to control their chats using the desktop app. The messaging service, which is owned by Meta, is now testing a feature that will allow users to pick up many chats simultaneously and carry out certain operations using the online version of the program.

Only the Android and iOS apps of WhatsApp currently allow you to select multiple chats. With a single command, users may choose several conversations, designate them as read or unread, archive them, or delete them.


A future update to WhatsApp on Desktop Beta will reportedly include a new feature that allows users to select multiple chats. This is according to the Businesses Can Also Benefit report.

According to the article, users will be able to mute multiple chats at the same time, designate all of them as read or unread, or do both. It will be simple to handle the conversations on WhatsApp on the desktop, thanks to the new version.

A snapshot of the feature posted by WA Beta Info reveals a new drop-down menu item called “Select Conversations.” Notably, there is no guarantee on the release date for this feature, which is still being develop.

The instant messaging service is also developing a new function that will allow users to report any questionable status updates made on PCs or laptops via the Desktop app. Then, any status that is allegedly in violation of the TOS will be examine. To prevent the spread of dangerous information on the network, WhatsApp now only allows users to report trash or suspicious communications to the firm.

The instant chat software will be even more safe with these additional reporting status update options. The report Facebook status will be safeguard by end-to-end encryption, much like messages, phone calls, media, geolocation, calls, and status updates. Future updates of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android are also anticipated to include the capability.

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