Functions not include in the Microsoft 365 subscription.

These functions won’t be included in the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft has disclosed some updates to its OneDrive and Outlook services. According to a report from Windows Central, the business would be changing several features and functionalities in a few places. Now Functions not include in the Microsoft 365 subscription..

Starting on November 30, 2023, Microsoft 365 users won’t be able to sign up for a new, personalized email address using their inbox, according to the source. Beginning November 2, 2023, Microsoft will start to count Outlook attachments against OneDrive storage, which is another significant change. Remember that each Microsoft account is limited to 5GB of free storage.

Outlook attachments did not previously count toward OneDrive storage. Users may need to either buy more storage or erase outdated attachments or emails once Microsoft starts calculating it against the free OneDrive storage data cap.

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For those who don’t know, personalized email addresses are unique email addresses made on behalf of the main account that allow users to login to services, applications, etc. with the custom email address while keeping their primary email address hidden. The primary account’s inbox receives the emails sent to the customized email addresses.

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The presence of personalized email addresses won’t be impacted by the changes Microsoft is making, it is crucial to realize this. The current personalized email addresses will continue to function after November 30, 2023. However, users won’t be able to use the account to make a brand-new personalized email address. Additionally, Outlook won’t let you add the email account again after you delete it.

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