Google is going to change its desktop search results to continuous scrolling.


Google is going to change its desktop search results to continuous scrolling.

Continuous scrolling is one of the various layout elements and styles that Google is experimenting with for its search results page. Google is going to change its desktop search results to continuous scrolling.

Similar to the continuous scroll functionality that was first introduced on mobile websites in 2021, Google is now implementing it for search results on desktop.

The firm has announced that the search results page will now display “up to six pages of results,” as opposed to the previous maximum of 10 blue links and 100 results per page. When you reach the bottom of the page, a loading indicator will start to load additional results more quickly than pressing “next” to view the next page of results.

The seamless feed feature, which is more prevalent on mobile websites than desktop ones, is intended to be more user-friendly and convenient. In a previous statement, Google stated that “the majority of people who want more information tend to browse up to four pages of search results.”

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The Alphabet-owned tech business is also improving the layouts for important results on mobile webpages and offering more mobile search box recommendations. The business is now testing a new look for search filters while still deciding on the desktop functionality.

The US will introduce the continuous scrolling functionality in English initially. As it did for the mobile website in October 2021, Google is implementing continuous scrolling for search results on desktops.

Though you’ve long been able to view up to 100 results per page from, search is famous for showing 10 blue links.

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Additionally, the new feature may increase the visibility of websites that don’t rank highly enough to appear on the front page. The joke goes that page 2 of Google search results is the best place to hide something criminally damaging because people tend to avoid going there, and very few brave souls go further down the page.The modification occurs at a time when many users lament the declining quality of Google search results. In response, Google has implemented a number of modifications, including improving the aesthetic appeal of search results. 

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