Google Pay Will Now Alert Users


Google Pay Will Now Alert Users to Fraudulent and Suspicious Transactions

To alert consumers to fraudulent purchases, Google Pay will briefly vibrate and show a warning. How Google Pay Will Now Alert Users.

To increase the security of digital payments for consumers in India At its Google for India. Event on Monday, the internet giant revealed the additional security measures for its UPI-based payment service. Through the use of multi-layered alerts, this will notify users of any questionable activity on their accounts.

The Files by Google app, which offers secure access to Digi locker documents on Android devices, has undergone major enhancements. This and other useful features targeted at local users have also been introduce.

Google published a blog post explaining the feature soon after the live event. The company asserts that machine learning is being use to detect fraudulent Google Pay transactions. The program would allegedly utilize advanced tools to evaluate the aggregate transaction patterns of millions of users and identify questionable or fraudulent payment requests. A flashing warning message in the user’s preferred language will inform users. The app may periodically vibrate to get users’ attention, according to Google.

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Additionally, a new feature for Google Pay has been release that lets users instantly view their transaction history by asking about their purchases in the language of their choice. Users will be able to ask Google Pay questions using natural language, the company said, such as “Show me how much I spent on coffee last week.” 

The Android Files app has also seen considerable changes, thanks to Google. The company collaborated with the National eGovernance Division to make authentic digital documents on Digi Locker accessible to users using the Files by Google app for Android (NeGD). Users may save PAN cards, driver’s licenses, and other accepted documents.

 Android smartphones in India will ultimately have the feature. Users may save documents from other family members on their phones, according to Google. They simply need to touch on the name of the family member to keep all of the relevant papers and information on their smartphone.

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