Google TV added New features for youngsters.


Google TV added New features for youngsters.

For users of Google TV, the company has begun to roll out several new features pertaining to the platform’s kid accounts. All users should receive this new update in the coming weeks, which will contain a number of new features like home screen recommendations, watchlists that can be maintained by parents, a redesigned Family Link app, and controlled use of the main YouTube app. Google TV added New features for youngsters.


In order to provide children viewers with a separate portal that is created to exclusively show content appropriate for their age range, the kids profile was introduced on the Google TV platform in 2021.

Profile for Google TV for kids: New features

With managed watchlists, parents may add movies and TV series to a watchlist that will show up on the Google TV home screen for their children. It’s also quite simple to add stuff to a child’s profile. Parents must choose a film or TV program and then click the watchlist option. They must next decide which child’s profile to add the content to. This will make it easier for young viewers to switch between videos as desired by their parents.

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On Google TV, the home screen of the kids’ profiles used to have a variety of kid-friendly streaming apps, unlike the adult accounts. With this new modification, Google TV will now directly provide content recommendations for kids’ profiles’ home screens.  The business also asserts that with this adjustment, hiding anything from your home screen that you don’t want to see will be simpler.

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Now that YouTube is supported on Google TV, older children can safely transition away from the YouTube Kids app. Parents will be able to modify the aspects that their children can use thanks to this new experience. Through the YouTube mobile app, they will be able to manage further settings, ban channels, and more.


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Along with these new capabilities for children, Google has also updated the Family Link app. Users will benefit from the new app’s ability to locate the most popular tools and features with ease. The Highlights page in this edition also “offers a glimpse of your child’s app activity, screen time, and newly installed apps.”

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