Google will begin celebrating Diwali in 2022

Google will begin celebrating Diwali in 2022: Enter these words to receive a surprise.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is rapidly approaching. With only one week left, the holiday zeal permeates the entire nation. Google, a global leader in search, has also joined the celebrations.

Google is preparing a “Diwali surprise” for its local users. The business requests that visitors from India type “Diwali” into the website’s search bar. In a post from its verified Twitter account @GoogleIndia, the business stated, “Just here to say search Diwali for a surprise.”

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On Google India’s website, a search for “Diwali” yields a variety of results concerning the holiday. The phrase “Diwali,” a lamp, and the term “Festivity” are inscribe at the top of these results. Stars are twinkling all around the bulb. The user’s screen will fill with dazzling lamps after clicking on the lamp. Behind these lamps are glistening stars. One lamp circles the screen as the cursor moves.


The same lovely animation may be seen when searching for “Diwali 2022.” When searching for the phrases “Diwali” or “Diwali 2022” in the Google mobile app for Android and Apple devices, users will find identical results.

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The user’s smartphone screen will fill with dazzling light upon clicking any lamp in the app (available for both Android and iOS), and the lamp will move with the user’s hand or finger. On a laptop or a mobile device, the view is amazing.

How to make your screen “lit up”

Launch Google search in a new tab. Users of the Chrome browser can also use the address bar.

  1. Look up the terms “Diwali” or “Diwali 2022”
  2. The search results will have a blazing diya on the side and the words “Diwali” printed across the top.
  3. Select this DIY.

Move the pointer now, and glittering light will appear around it on the screen.

Source: Gadgetsnow

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