Hardware of iPhone has undergone minimal alteration.

Hardware of iPhone has undergone minimal alteration.


The screen of the new iPhone 14 is seldom off when people aren’t using it.With widgets like alarms, calendar events, and sports scores prominently displayed and flickering with real-time changes, it will stay on and be ready if you look down or finally pick it back up. Hardware of iPhone has undergone minimal alteration.

The largest change in lock screen history has been made in Apple’s new flagship lineup. This precious area has essentially been an alarm wasteland up until this point. Apple is the first company to use an always-on display, even though Android has long supported the concept.

Cash-strapped consumers must find a cause to trade in or buy gadgets without significant hardware advancements, which is not just a way to keep people more passively attached to existing technology. This is where the idea of finding something new to do with existing space comes. That may not simply be a means to keep people more passively linked to their devices.

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Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, compare the situation to an empty garage that has now been fully utilize. It will undoubtedly result in more time spent on the phone, but we think it’s a brilliant strategic decision.

Apple is enhancing the lock screen’s customization and flexibility. Interactive lock screens are normally limit, allowing for a quick check of messages, the time, reminders, calendar appointments, and jotting notes.

It will also display information that was previously only available inside apps, such as the status of a delivery of takeout or the arrival of an Uber at your house. (Those who find it difficult can silence any and all widgets.)

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Additionally, the new lock screen offers a means to display images, allows users to choose their own font styles and colors, and places notifications more conveniently at the bottom of the screen.

According to Michael Inouye, a principal analyst at ABI Research, “Apple isn’t always first and increasingly they may seem behind the curve. 

Source: cnn


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