How to create an Alexa Routine?

How to create an Alexa Routine?

How to create an Alexa Routine? With a simple spoken command (or even your dog barking), you can turn down the lights, lock the door, and turn on some music.

Alexa Routine

You’re losing out if all you’ve done with your Echo smart speaker up until now has been to set an egg timer, play some music, and perhaps laugh at the odd “pull my finger” joke.

A useful tool that may make your home run more smoothly, remind you to take out the garbage, and even try to entertain you is Alexa, the virtual assistant .Simply set up a few Routines, and Amazon’s virtual butler will do everything for you;

An Alexa Routine is a shortcut for all of Alexa’s capabilities, or “actions.” A routine can carry out one or more tasks, ranging from launching a convoluted Good Morning Routine that starts a flurry of tasks to playing your favorite Spotify song at the same time every day.

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My morning routine includes turning on the kettle, opening the blinds, adjusting the thermostat, telling me the weather and traffic conditions for the school run, and gradually brightening all of my home’s lights. Additionally, it switches on each speaker in the house to my preferred radio station.

Alexa, good morning:

You can start a routine by saying “Alexa, good morning” to your Echo Show. You can also create a routine to start every morning at 8 AM or when you turn off your alarm on your Echo Dot with clock.

I’ve got mine set to begin on my Echo speaker between 6 and 7 am on weekdays and between 7 and 9 am on weekends when the sensor by my bed senses motion. Other smart devices can trigger off Routines, too, such as locking a smart door lock or when someone taps your video doorbell. Routines may also be triggered by your geographic location, such as when you depart or come.


  •  Launch the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone.
  • From the bottom navigation panel, choose More.
  • Click or tap the Plus symbol in the top-right area.
  • Next after giving the Routine a name.
  • • Select the event that will start the Routine (some alternatives are shown below), then press Next.
  • Select the activities you want Alexa to perform (for a list of them, see below), then select Next.
  • Select the Echo device from which the routine will be played (if it has a sound component such as music or an announcement or if it will be triggered by voice).

Your Routine will show up in the list of Routines after you click Save. By tapping the Play button next to a Routine, you can access the Routine from this list and alter, disable, or manually launch it.

As a pro tip, select the Routine from the main Routines page, tap the three-dot menu button in the top right corner of the Edit Routine page, and then select Copy Actions to New Routine. This will allow you to create multiple Routines that perform the same action but with a different trigger or from a different device.


You need a trigger to start a Routine, something that signals to Alexa that the Routine should execute when this occurs. There are numerous ways to start a Routine, some of which are completely hands-free, such time and place. Others include a conversation, like your dog barking or a vocal order. Here are a few of the most typical triggers:

Voice: Request that Alexa begin the routine. When you say “Alexa, Snack Time,” your Snack Time Routine will pause your Fire TV and switch on the kitchen lights. Or a “Alexa, it’s bedtime” routine that, upon hearing the command, dims the lights, locks the door, lowers the thermostat, and begins playing sleep noises.

Scheduled time:

Routines can start up at a specific time. Set the lights to come on an hour after sunset and go off automatically at daybreak. The best approach to get everyone to the dinner table is to implement a dinnertime routine that turns off the Wi-Fi at 6:30PM.

The smart home Routines can be started by smart home devices, such as sensors, cameras, and the status of a device (locked or unlocked, for example). Turn on the dim lights if a motion sensor detects activity in the hallway between 11 PM and 6 AM; if the door is left unlocked after 10 PM, lock it.

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Location: Alexa can keep track of your arrival and departure times at home by using the Alexa app on your smartphone. This is useful for Welcome Home or I’m Leaving Routines that, upon your arrival home, adjust your smart thermostat, turn on your lights, and begin playing music. When you depart, they reverse these actions. Additionally, you may program your robot vacuum to begin cleaning when you leave and end it when you come back.

Alarm: When you turn off the alarm, A Good Morning Routine may begin to play.

Sound: Sound triggers for Routines include the sound of running water, someone coughing or snoring, a dog barking, a baby crying, and a beeping item.


A Routine can  have several actions added to it. These consist of:

Smart home: Turn on appliances like lights, robot vacuums, intelligent fans or shades, and door locks.

Alexa Says: Ask Alexa to say whatever you choose.

Audible: Ask Alexa to read a book from Audible.

Calendar: Describe your upcoming event or your schedule for the day or the following day.

 Television: Use a Fire TV to control.

song : Play a song, playlist, or podcast to start listening to music or podcasts.

Skill: Turn on any associated Alexa skill.


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