Instagram will notify you of any shadow bans


Instagram will soon notify you of any shadow bans and the reason for them.

Instagram will display instances of user material that violates the app’s rules for professionals. On Wednesday, Instagram unveiled new transparency features that will let you see whether or not other users are praising your work. Instagram will soon notify you of any shadow bans and the reason for them.

Users with professional accounts can now see in the Account Status area of the app if their images and videos may be shared in Reels, Explore, and Feed Recommendations.

In the event that they aren’t, they can view instances of material that has violated Instagram’s Recommendations Guidelines and choose whether to make modifications. A recently revised article on the Instagram site states that it also gives users the chance to appeal a decision “so our review team can take another look as fast as possible.”

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The firm wrote in the statement, “We realize that for many artists, having Instagram recommend their work is a terrific way to reach new followers and increase their following.” “That’s why it’s vital to us that artists understand our standards and are able to recognize whether something they’ve posted or have on their profile may be hurting their reach to non-followers,” the company said in a statement.

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The word “shadow-ban” is not use in either the blog post or the video tweet from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, but it appears that’s what the update is intend to solve. In contrast to a regular ban, which prevents a user from posting on a website, a “shadow ban” prevents non-followers from seeing the user’s material.

“Your account may periodically find itself in a scenario where your images and videos are not qualified to show in what we call recommendations,” tweeted Mosseri.

Account status was introduce by Instagram in October 2021. By navigating to their profile settings, selecting “Account,” and then selecting “Account Status,” users may access it.

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