iPhone users will see adverts from Apple’s App Store


iPhone users will see adverts from Apple’s App Store

Perhaps never before have ads shown on an iPhone, particularly in Apple-owned apps or services. That is about to alter, though, as Apple will start displaying advertisements to customers in the App Store. iPhone users will see adverts from Apple’s App Store now. The specifics are as follows:

Ads will be seen where for users?

Developers can advertise their apps on the Today tab of the App Store. Apple acknowledged the development on its help page for developers. According to Apple’s statement on the website, “With a Today tab ad, your app can feature prominently on the top page of the App Store – making it some of the first material users view when they begin their App Store visit.”


What will it mean for developers?

The prominence of this placement, according to Apple, “makes it a terrific alternative to promote awareness of your app, especially for new content launches, special events, and seasonal promotions,” the company noted on the webpage. It’s interesting to note that mainland China will not see these Today tab adverts.

Ads on the App Store won’t always appear.

Only approved advertisements will show up in the Today tab, according to Apple.

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After your custom product page has received approval from App Store Connect, Apple Search Ads must also approve it before it can be used for advertising.


Beginning of iPhone advertising?

Bloomberg stated earlier this year that Apple had lofty goals of increasing its ad income. According to the article, Apple wants its annual advertising income to reach $10 billion. According to the Bloomberg story, Apple will likely begin displaying advertisements in apps like Apple Maps, Stocks, and News sometime in 2019. Apple hasn’t officially commented on the possibility of ads appearing in other apps, but given the success of the App Store ads, it seems probable that the company will continue to expose customers to more adverts.

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