Microsoft Teams will be added to the new Premium edition

A few features of Microsoft Teams will be added to the new Premium edition.

Microsoft is increasing the barrier for several Teams functionality. In February, Microsoft Teams Premium goes on sale. Microsoft Teams will be added to the new Premium edition.

Some Microsoft Teams functions are being moved to the more expensive Premium edition. Since last month, a 30-day trial version of Microsoft Teams Premium has been accessible, and soon it will be the only way to access features like bespoke Together Mode scenarios, live captioning, and virtual appointment possibilities.

Microsoft Teams will be added to the new Premium edition. Microsoft disclosed the changes in a license guide update late last month, according to The Register.

When the Premium edition debuts completely in February, Microsoft acknowledges that “certain Teams functionality will transfer from Teams licensing to [a] Teams Premium license.” However, after the debut of Premium, Microsoft will retain the functionality in the standard Microsoft Teams service for 30 days. The entire list of features impacted is provided here:

  • live captions in other languages
  • When a user leaves or enters a meeting, Teams meeting records include timeline markers.
  • Customized structure Scenes in Together Mode
  • SMS notifications for virtual appointments
  • Virtual meetings: Teams admin center’s organizational analytics
  • Virtual appointments: queue view of the appointments

According to Microsoft’s licensing change, “Users will lose access to capabilities previously accessible in Teams without the Teams Premium add-on after the 30-day grace period, unless the admin purchases and distributes Teams Premium licenses for their users.”

Live translations, personalized meeting branding, and sophisticated meeting safeguards are just a few of the AI-powered smart features offered by Microsoft Teams Premium.

Businesses will have the choice to either forbid users from recording meetings and copying text from the conference chat or to watermark and designate sensitive material during meetings.

Beginning in early February, Microsoft intends to make Teams Premium available to all users after a 30-day trial period. Microsoft Teams Premium is anticipated to cost $10 per user each month, and the company claims it will announce the exact price when Premium is made accessible the following month.

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