Microsoft, voice translation now available Skype.

Microsoft, real-time voice translation is now available on Skype.

Since Microsoft add real-time speech translation to Skype, speakers’ voices can now be translat while keeping a tone that is similar to the original speaker. Microsoft, voice translation now available Skype.

 Skype-to-Skype video calls can now be translate in real time while you speak normally. “As a result, you can communicate in real-time via chat with someone who speaks a different language, and automated translation will be performe as you talk,” adde Microsoft on a blog.

The blog post claims that real-time translations with actual voice will soon be available during group video discussions and telephony.

The new translation tool can now instantaneously translate the languages being use during a video chat, thanks to artificial intelligence.

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This is accomplishe by utilizing a combination of speech recognition technology and natural language processing to comprehend, interpret, and translate spoken words.

Additionally, the company asserts that if customers use their natural voice, AI will sample their speech and personalize the translation to sound like them, making the conversation sound more human.

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As it makes it simple for people to communicate with each other who speak various languages, this is a significant advancement for Skype, according to the company.

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