More Than Just an E-Reader: Kindle Scribe.

More Than Just an E-Reader: Kindle Scribe. You can also draw on it.


Now you have a single location where you can doodle, mark up papers, and take notes.

The Kindle Scribe wasn’t what I had in mind when Amazon told me it was releasing a new Kindle. But lo and behold, Amazon has unveiled a 10.2-inch, large-format E Ink e-reader with a pen. It might be argued that it is the 9.7-inch screen version of the now-defunct Kindle DX. It can be preordered right now for $340 with a basic stylus or $370 with a premium stylus, and according to Amazon, it will “arrive before the holidays.”

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There are a few rival touchscreen E Ink e-readers with styluses that also function as digital notepads, including models from Kobo and ReMarkable. However, according to Amazon, the Kindle Scribe is the only front-lit 10.2-inch e-reader with a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) high-resolution E ink display.

The gadget weighs 433 grams and is barely 5.8mm (0.22 inches) thin. For instance, the new updated baseline Kindle (2022) weighs 158 grams, whereas the Kindle Paperwhite weighs 205 grams. 35 LEDs make up the front lighting design of the Kindle Scribe. Comparatively, the Kindle Oasis has 25 LEDs, the Kindle Paperwhite has 17, and the entry-level Kindle for 2022 has only four LEDs.

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I haven’t yet experimented with the Kindle Scribe, but Kevin Keith, Amazon’s vice president of devices, gave me a video call demonstration of some of its important features and demonstrated how little latency there is with the note taking. Both the regular stylus and the premium stylus use electro-magnetic resonance technology, which doesn’t require electricity or Bluetooth connectivity. For $30 extra, you can get a premium stylus with an erase function and programmable buttons. Both are magnetically attached to the e-side. reader’s

The Kindle Scribe is made of recycled aluminum and charges through USB-C.  Simply rotate it 180 degrees in the opposite direction to use it with either hand, much like the Oasis. Additionally, a selection of folio covers for it that double as kickstands will be available on Amazon.

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