Reason that Apple and Samsung release phones yearly 

The reason that Apple and Samsung release phones yearly.

The constant stream of new phone releases might get tiresome. Here are the benefits that businesses anticipate from it and how to tell whether an upgrade is necessary. The reason that Apple and Samsung release phones yearly. 

The life cycle of a phone has become rather predictable. A new model is released within a year after you spend hundreds of dollars on a new device, enjoy all the flashy specs, and feel out of date with it. You could feel like upgrading in two years or risk falling behind.

Apple Inc. will probably introduce a new iPhones

It’s a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. However, it’s a strategy that appears to be effective for businesses like Apple and Samsung, which release new models of the iPhone and Galaxy phones, respectively, every year. They want to have something to tempt clients who might at any time be in the market for a new device.

In the video above, Eli Blumenthal, a CNET mobile reporter, says, “You might be great with your phone today, but you are only one person.” There are many people who purchased a phone a year before you, or who may have dropped their phone while out and about and now need a replacement, or a child may have obtained it.

October 24, some iPhones not able to use Whatsapp.

They might need a new phone, and now might be the ideal moment for them to get one. These businesses want to be sure they have a product available so that consumers have a choice when seeking a new phone. Even if there isn’t an actual need to replace your phone, it might be simple to feel compelled to do so in order to take advantage of the better camera or larger screen.

However, consumers are retaining their electronics for longer since phones are becoming more and more expensive—the bulk of flagship phones cost between $700 and $1,200. US smartphone users held onto their smartphones for an average of nearly 24 months before upgrading, up from about 22 months in 2016, according to a CNBC study. However, this hasn’t stopped phone manufacturers from maintaining their annual release schedule.

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