Russian banning the WhatsApp to use domestic software


Russian banning the WhatsApp to use domestic software

Russian media and some posts that users in Ukraine were allow to publish, Facebook and Instagram were block. In an effort to wean Russia off Western technology. A Russian lawmaker encouraged state organizations on Wednesday to cease using WhatsApp messenger. The industry ministry also attempted to promote domestically manufactured software.
WhatsApp owner Meta Platforms was later added to Rosfinmonitoring’s list of “terrorists and extremists.” The defense attorney for Meta in court said that Meta was oppose to xenophobia and was not engaging in extremist behavior.

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WhatsApp, which is widely use in Russia, has always been accessible. But Anton Gorelkin, the deputy head of the committee on information policy in the Russian parliament. On Wednesday that he would be removing the app personally and that a wider ban should be institute.

I believe it is vital to outright prohibit Russian state and municipal employees from using WhatsApp for work-relate objectives. Gorelkin posted on Telegram, a popular alternative messenger in Russia. The most important thing is that it does not belong to a firm that openly participates.The information war against our country and is list on the list of terrorist and extremist organizations. It doesn’t matter if it is a Russian alternative or from Dubai.
Russia’s electronics industry has admitted to having serious problems. Moscow has tried to stimulate the sector with tax advantages and favorable financing as Western sanctions and a flight of international companies obstruct its access to technology imports and solutions.

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There won’t be any turning around Shpak was quoted by the Interfax news agency. As saying that companies leaving the country shouldn’t be permit to reoccupy the same markets. The “foundation of Russia’s technological independence should be form by items using homegrown software. Our producers should fill this market gap.
The market vacate by foreign telecoms manufacturers, according to Vasily Shpak, deputy minister of industry and trade, should be replace by indigenous companies.

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