Spotify customers now add audio feedback to music

Spotify customers can now add audio feedback to music playlists.


Spotify customers now add audio feedback to music for free as Swedish music streaming service Spotify is working on a new feature that will allow users to post voice comments or reactions to music playlists. According to The Verge, this Spotify experiment was discovered by a Reddit user in Vietnam. Also read: Spotify will give its new premium subscribers three months of free service.

So, what are your thoughts? Learn the UI and record an episode to discuss the playlist. A report button to begin the audio recording is located beneath the notification. Also, read A step-by-step guide for cancelling your Spotify Premium membership. But now the Spotify customers add audio feedback to music playlists free.

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 There are also some simple options for improvement, such as the ability to include background music and tags. The study said that a microphone icon on the playlist’s webpage appeared to be the only way to access the response feature. Read this article: Microsoft fires workers from customer-focused R&D jobs: Report.

The company said, “We are currently performing a small test of in-app audio creation but have no further specifics to disclose at this time.”

Customers may be able to report and publish podcasts directly from the Spotify app as part of an experiment. Spotify customers now add audio feedback to music now for all user.

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Last week, the industry leader in music streaming unveiled a fresh look for the home screen of its mobile app, which now includes feeds for music, podcasts, and shows. Now Spotify customers add audio feedback to music playlists.

Listeners now quickly access music stream alternatives tailored to their musical preferences, making it easier than ever to find new favourites.

There will even be buttons that make it simple to share, like, and start playing music immediately, in addition to album and playlist suggestions.

Listeners can jump to new episodes of their favourite shows in the Podcast and Shows stream.


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