Taiwan investigating the illegal conduct of TikTok


Taiwan investigating the illegal conduct of TikTok.

Taiwan investigating the illegal conduct of TikTok . Although Taiwan’s government has opened an inquiry, the owner of the Chinese-owned social media network.  TikTok has denied claims that it is operating an illegal subsidiary on the island.

The company vigorously denies this accusation. In a statement publish late on Sunday, Taiwan’s China policy-making Mainland Affairs Council said that a working group under the Cabinet had discover proof that TikTok was suspected.

In contravention of Taiwanese law, which prevents Chinese social media firms from doing business there . Byte Dance, the owner of TikTok, reportedly formed a corporation on the island to advertise for business.

The Mainland Affairs Council responded to the report by saying that the Cabinet’s working committee had establish.

Because “the mainland side has used short video platforms like TikTok to conduct out cognitive operations and infiltration against other nations in recent years,” there was a good chance that the Chinese government was collecting user data.

To the contrary, ByteDance said that “recent claims” that it had founded a subsidiary in Taiwan were untrue. In an email response to Reuters, it noted simply that “the business has not formed any legal companies in Taiwan.”

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The council claims that Taiwan has previously prevented government organizations from using Chinese apps like TikTok. Although TikTok lags behind its rivals in Taiwan, market research companies assert that it is becoming more and more popular among teenagers.


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