The OnePlus 10T does everything better than before.

The OnePlus 10T does everything better than before.

Review of the OnePlus 10T The OnePlus 10T, which features the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, is the company’s new flagship model. But how does it perform in reality? Find out by reading our review.

OnePlus 10T

The brand OnePlus has put a lot of effort into carving out a position for itself in the high-end smartphone industry. So much so that a company that formerly only released one phone at a time has gained the confidence to launch several flagship models each year, each of which targets a distinct market and group of users. The OnePlus 10T will replace past OnePlus models as the company’s most recent worldwide flagship, luring customers away from Samsung and Apple devices or those looking to upgrade from earlier OnePlus models.

Review of the OnePlus 10T: What’s new?

The OnePlus 10T does initially resemble the OnePlus 10R, which was released a few months ago. However, without the recognizable alert slider, the phone loses some of its OnePlus heritage. However, we are now more accustomed to this.

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The OnePlus 10T has a highly fluid appearance with a glossy metal finish rear panel that blends into the frame and a square camera bump. However, despite being big and a little heavy, the phone is easy to hold. The camera hump is substantial, despite not sticking out very far.

Review of the OnePlus 10T: What’s good?

The screen on this OnePlus phone is, as usual, incredibly sharp and vibrant. The moment the 6.7-inch FHD+ display turns on to recognize that your thumb is on the screen to unlock it, it grabs your attention. This is a terrific option for gamers due to the 120 Hz refresh rate, and the peak brightness of 950 nits is among the best in the industry. The variable brightness of the screen pleased me, especially considering that I conducted the testing in a dimly lit room in New York. 

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform that powers the OnePlus 10T indicates that this is a premium flagship and not a more affordable model, like the 10R that was introduced in India earlier this year. The performance of the phone was excellent throughout the brief time I tested it, and there were no heating issues. Multiple tabs open in the Chrome or Brave browsers are my typical stressor for the phone. The 10T, however, didn’t find this to be a huge concern. After a while, the phone remained cool even while recording in 4K.

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In fact, the HyperBoost Gaming engine and the 120Hz display make this phone appealing to gamers.

 The back of the OnePlus 10T has three cameras. One feature of the phone that particularly pleased me was this one. The 50MP main camera takes some excellent pictures while trying to preserve a natural color balance. I kept the frames under-exposed to make it a little more subdued because the nightscape causes it to go a little too far by brightening the images a little too much. It did a good job of capturing the different shades of the New York sunset.

Although you won’t really notice a problem if you are looking solely on your phone, the 8MP wide-angle occasionally lacks detail.

 Source: indianexpress

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