TikTok bans apply to several US states


TikTok bans apply to several US states

Bans apply to several US states on TikTok , and most access is apparently block. TikTok access on computers use by the government is now only partially permitte in 19 of the 50 US states. 

State agencies in Louisiana and West Virginia were the first on Monday to ban its use on devices under their control.  Because of concerns that China will use TikTok to track Americans and regulate content.

Currently, 19 out of the 50 US states’ public computers only partially allow access to TikTok, which is controll by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd. The majority of the restrictions began within the last two weeks.

Several lawmakers proposed a global ban last week, which would follow countries like India that have already banned its use.

 The government clients of Jamf Holding Corp., which provides software to companies to enable filtering and security measures on iPhones and other Apple devices, have been progressively blocking access to TikTok since the middle of this year.

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The company state that nearly 65% of TikTok connection attempts have been blocked on devices managed by Jamf’s public sector clients internationally, including school districts and various other organizations. This is an increase from 10% in June.

The social media platform TikTok expressed disappointment in a previously released statement. On Monday, saying that “so many states are jumping on the political bandwagon to pass regulations based on unsubstantiated claims about TikTok . 

Kyle Ardoin, the secretary of state for Louisiana, said that he had disabled TikTok on all office-owned devices. citing potential security dangers but failing to specify any real issues. JB McCuskey, the state auditor for West Virginia, asserted that he did the same for his business.

A national security pact that would satisfy concerns about China’s access to the data on TikTok’s. More than 100 million US users has been under discussion for months between US authorities and TikTok.

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