Twitter is attempting to integrate podcasts

Twitter is attempting to integrate podcasts


For all of its recorded spaces, Twitter is working to introduce a podcast option to the website.

The information was share by engineer Alessandro Paluzzi’s Twitter, which also featured a screenshot showing a potential location for the Podcast tab. Users may be able to navigate through previously recorded spaces using the tab for better interaction and content. Live audio sessions could be distinguish by placing them individually.

 A Twitter representative responded when contacted for comment by saying, “We’re always looking into new methods to encourage people to participate in the conversation on Twitter, but have no further details to give at this time.”

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In order to enhance its features, Twitter previously worked on podcast functionality for Spaces. The platform enables people to continue listening to Spaces after a live recording, improving engagement and the number of listeners for the hosts. Hosts can view the statistics from their audio sessions in spaces for feedback and an improved experience. 

The developers of Twitter appear to be working on features like the verify phone number tag and the view count for tweets continuously, despite the fact that the company is currently embroiler in two legal disputes, one with Elon Musk and the other with the Indian government’s content blocking orders.

As part of the freshly updated Spaces tab, the social media behemoth has now formally announced it will be introducing podcasts to the platform. Some people may not be surprise  the announcement given that Twitter  allegedly been working on the functionality for quite some time.

Instagram: the exact location is never disclosed.

A dedicated podcast tab may be in the works, according to some rumors, but since both podcasts and the Spaces tab have audio content, the integration of the two seems reasonable. Personalized hubs that compile audio content according to categories like news, music, sports, and more are now available in the updated Spaces tab. The business wrote in a blog post that Twitter listeners would now be able to quickly access a more individualized selection of live and recorded Spaces covering the subjects that are most important to them.

Twitter said that it will automatically propose podcast topics to users based on their interests. Additionally, users will be able to rate the podcast with a thumbs up or down. However, it appears that English-speaking users of Android and iOS devices will be the only ones able to access podcasts.

Source: indianexpress 

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