Twitter plans to add TikTok-like features

Twitter plans to add TikTok-like features

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On iOS, a new feature will start to roll out over the coming days. In the never-ending scroll-style feed, Twitter plans to add TikTok-like features including full-screen short films.
The business claimed in a blog post that it was launching a “immersive” full-screen video-playing experience on the platform in addition to the well-known option. Users will be able to interact with popular videos that are trending on the site thanks to the addition of the video carousel to the Explore tab. In the next days, the “immersive media viewer” will start to roll out on iOS. The app’s English version will be able to get the updates.

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Popular social media sites like Instagram and YouTube have made attempts to offer TikTok videos on their platforms. They have not been as successful as the TikTok app itself. These quick movies, which are distinct from the videos that are tweeted, appear to be being incorporated by Twitter.
On Thursday, Twitter said that it would be introducing a new function that would make it simpler for users to look for and view videos on its site. Most crucially, the startup is introducing a scrollable video feed similar to TikTok.
iOS users will be able to access the new scrollable video stream simply clicking on a video in their feed over the coming few days.

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After that, you’ll be on a page with a feed of videos that you can scroll through, much like TikTok. Return to the original tweet, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen.
According to Twitter, finding intriguing videos will be simpler thanks to the new immersive media viewer.

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