Twitter will relaunch Twitter Blue for Apple customers


Twitter will relaunch Twitter Blue for Apple customers at a higher price.

A premium membership price for a variety of services will be charged by Twitter’s updated version of Twitter Blue for Apple users. Twitter will relaunch Twitter Blue for Apple customers at a higher price.

Twitter Inc. said in a tweet on Saturday that it will relaunch a revised version of its subscription service, Twitter Blue, on Monday at a higher cost for Apple customers. The upgraded service, which allows users to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, and obtain a blue checkmark upon account authentication, is available to customers for $8 per month through the web but $11 per month via Apple iOS, the company claims.

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Despite media claims that the firm was exploring methods to offset costs non in the App Store, Twitter could not explain why Apple customers were charge more than other users on the web. Early in November, Twitter first debuted “Twitter Blue” before halting it as phony accounts proliferated. Later, it was reschedul to premiere on Nov. 29, but was delay.

Elon Musk, who paid $44 billion to buy Twitter in November, cited a number of issues with Apple in a series of tweets last month, including the 30% fee the iPhone manufacturer charges software developers for in-app purchases. Then, he said that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its app store and that it had halted advertising on the social networking site.

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However, Musk’s apparent certainty that he has unleashed some political kraken is incorrect—far from being a conspiracy or widespread misuse, the files provide a useful window into the extent of moderating, revealing the Sisyphean tasks that every social media site undertakes.

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