US senator urged Elon Musk to better protect the data

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US senator urged Elon Musk to better protect the data of US users:

Peiter Zatko, a Twitter leaker, previously testified that malware could be used by a foreign agent to steal the personal information of Twitter users, among other risks. US senator urged Elon Musk to better protect the data of US users.

Following up on concerns expressed by a whistleblower, senior US Senate Republican Chuck Grassley has requested that Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, perform a danger assessment at the social media business to better secure US user data.  Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, a whistleblower who led security at Twitter until his termination in January, said in testimony in September that several staff members had requested that Twitter conduct a threat assessment “of Twitter’s present security posture and systems to better safeguard user data and privacy” in a letter to Musk dated Tuesday and made public on Wednesday. He further request that the committee staff be inform of the results.

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“Twitter gathers a lot of information on Americans.” “Americans have a stake in ensuring that their personal information is protect and that no foreign agents have gained access to the firms they have entrust with it,” asserted Grassley.

As part of an agreement in 2011, Zatko had previously claimed that Twitter had deceived the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding the company’s security procedures. Additionally, said that Twitter’s technology had significant security holes and that one or more workers were working for foreign governments.

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He had testified that, among other risks, a foreign agent could use malware to steal the personal information of Twitter users and use it to access private information on the user’s phone.

The letter to Parag Agrawal, the company’s former CEO, who ran it until Musk purchased it in a $44 billion deal in October, reiterated some of the issues raised in a previous letter to him that Republican Charles Grassley and Democrat Dick Durbin sent to him in September.

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