Users will soon be able to side-swipe through tweets

Users will soon be able to side-swipe through tweets

Twitter should get the different side sweep functionality in January. Users will soon be able to side-swipe through tweets.

People on twitter will shortly be able to side swiping through messages, trends, subjects, lists, and more, according to Elon Musk’s announcement today. Since taking over the social media network for $44 billion (approximately Rs. 3.6 lakh crore), the twitter Account CEO has already been making significant adjustments.

He has also mentioned that the platform would likely undergo a number of significant UI changes in January.


The Look Count for Tweets function was recently made available internationally by Twitter with the intention of demonstrating how active the site is given that the majority of users are thought to simply read tweets without responding.

On Saturday, Musk published a post announcing that the platform would get a different side swipe functionality in January. Users are allegedly able to access suggested and following tweets, topics, topics, and lists with ease thanks to this functionality.

Additionally, Musk asserts that “suggested tweets, lists, & subjects will become fantastic” as Twitter AI continues to advance. Twitter now offers users the option of reading tweets is chronology or the Home stream of suggested tweets.

Musk recently stated that “many big UI enhancements” will be made to the microblogging website in January in response to a criticism made by a member of the Gadgets 360 crew.


Additionally, Twitter could be working on using symbols in place of text underneath each tweet on its wireless users for Views, Likes, Retweets, and Quote Tweets.

Relatedly, Twitter just unveiled a brand-new View Count tool for tweets. Before, the platform’s videos were the only content that could use this capability. Instead of being available only to the original poster, the View Count is clearly apparent to everyone. Older tweets cannot presently be used with the functionality.

Additionally, Twitter Blue has gained a few additional features. According to reports, the site would now give paying subscribers priority over non-subscribers in search, mentions, and answers. In addition, instead of the prior 10-minute limit, Twitter Blue customers will now be allowed to submit 60-minute full-HD films.


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