View Once function of WhatsApp is introduced


View Once function of WhatsApp is introduced

Soon, once-read WhatsApp text messages will have the option to self-destruct. How? Read on. View Once function of WhatsApp is introduced .

pictures, which let users exchange images and films that, after being access once, virtually self-destruct. This is excellent for media files that you don’t want to remain on another person’s phone.

The function, however, was limit to media messages, such as images and movies. According to a recent claim from WABetaInfo, SMS messages will also soon be able to use this feature.

Facebook has made a monetization option available to Pakistani creators

Users of WhatsApp will be able to send “View Once” text messages using the new function. Which will make the contents inaccessible after only one view. This is comparable to Snapchat messages, which vanish after you leave a chat, if you have ever used Snapchat.

Although the function is still in beta testing and has not yet been made available to everyone, some WhatsApp beta users have already had access to it. Many of us forget to delete the message afterwards to protect it from prying eyes when we wish to send secret text messages to trustworthy recipients. View They will prevent this once text messages are introduce.

Google is ready to open a branch office in Pakistan.

The View After option will ensure that any addresses, numbers, passwords, or other PINs include in messages are permanently delet once they are access, eliminating any possibility of the information falling into the wrong hands.

There is no news on how long the feature will remain under development, but after any issues are work out, anticipate it to be accessible in a few weeks to a few months.

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