Ways to modify the notifications in iOS 16.

There are three ways to modify the notifications in iOS 16.

There are three ways to modify

iPhones now have a brand-new lock screen customization option thanks to the iOS 16 upgrade. The new location for alerts is includ in the revised lock screen along with a wealth of personalization options, including clock style, typeface, colour, widgets, and more.

The notifications now show up at the bottom of the lock screen instead of the top, as they did in earlier iterations of the operating system. There are three ways to modify the notifications in iOS 16.

With the new design, the lock screen is less cluttered and the wallpaper is easier for consumers to see. Apple has gone a step further with lock screen personalization by adding a plethora of customization choices to the notifications that allow users to pick how the notice appears on the lock screen.

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There are three options to customize the lock screen notifications in iOS 16’s settings: Count, Stack, and List. That’s basically it. Users cannot move the location of the notifications on Apple products, and there is no way to get the old-style notifications back.

Here are three options for personalizing your lock screen:

Count: With this option, the lock screen’s notification cards are swapped out for a total count of your outstanding notifications. To see all the notifications, swipe up. Drag the lock screen notifications down to briefly activate the count.

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 Stack: The iOS 16 notification layout looks like this. This bundles up all of the notifications from various apps. Therefore, all of the WhatsApp notifications will be gathered into one. Likewise, all of the Gmail alerts will be grouped together.

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