Webb Telescope takes the first picture of an exoplanet.

The Webb Telescope takes the first picture of an exoplanet.

Webb Telescope takes the first picture of an exoplanet. As researchers applaud the James Webb satellite telescope’s performance since its launch last year, because it has captured its first image of an exoplanet, a planet outside of our solar system.

Observers have recently been astonished by images from the most powerful space telescope ever construct. which is currently orbiting the Sun 1.6 million kilometers (million miles) from Earth.

The exoplanet, known as HIP 65426 b,  a gas giant without a rocky surface.  And is not likely to be inhabit  according to its most recent ground-breaking images.

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Sasha Hinkley, an astronomy professor at the University of Exeter who oversaw the observation team, said, “This is a watershed moment and not only for Webb but for astronomy generally.”

Direct images of exoplanets can be capture using Webb’s infrar gaze and coronagraphs. Which are telescopic devices that block out starlight.

In a statement released by NASA on Thursday “It was really impressive how well the Webb coronagraphs perform to reduce the light of the host star.”

In comparison to the 4.5 billion-year-old Earth, the exoplanet HIP 65426 b is youthful.  That has a mass six to twelve times that of Jupiter. It is also just approximately 15 to 20 million years old.

 The telescope, which only recently made its first photographs public in July. The Hubble space telescope had previously taken direct photos of exoplanets, but they were much less detailed.

The fact that we are just getting start, according to Aaryn Carter of the University of California.

Source: geo.tv


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