WhatsApp will add an option to block screenshots


WhatsApp will add a “Premium” subscription option and block screenshots for view-once photos and videos: Report

 Now testing WhatsApp Premium, an optional subscription for corporate users, and may eventually prohibit users from capturing screenshots of images and videos intend to be seen just once. WhatsApp will add an option to block screenshots now.

Soon WhatsApp will add the ability to block screenshots for images and videos intended to be viewed only once as well as an optional subscription called WhatsApp Premium for business users. These additions follow the addition of support for Call Links and the capacity to add up to 32 users in a video call.

Blocking photos and videos 

Some beta testers who download the app from the Play Store are presently receiving this feature.  However, some people are now unable to snap a screenshot while others see it as black. It’s interesting to note that the image will still come out as black even if you install a third-party addon. WhatsApp will add a “Premium” subscription option and block screenshots.

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This is excellent news for those who use WhatsApp to send sensitive material and only want the recipient to see the video or image once. Additionally, the functionality is being actively improve by the developers.

Premium WhatsApp

The functionality, which offers advance capabilities like reaching out to customers simply along with certain improvements when attaching new devices, was reportedly introduce back in May, according to a report by WABetaInfo. But only those with a Business account are intend for this. Users can join up for WhatsApp Premium on the beta versions of iOS and Android through Apple’s Test Flight and the Google Play Store, respectively.

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Simply navigate to your WhatsApp Business account settings from within the app and tap on the “WhatsApp Premium” section to check out the extra function. Businesses can use two new features after subscribing to WhatsApp Premium and becoming members. The first one enables customers to establish unique business links that lead users to the company’s landing page and enable them to start a discussion.

The link will expire if and when the user cancels the subscription. Additionally, users will be able to link up to ten devices, and the custom link can be change once every 90 days. Now WhatsApp will add a “Premium” subscription option and block screenshots.

For corporate users, the capabilities are currently offer without charge. Additionally, WhatsApp Premium is now available to a small number of users and will soon be accessible to regular business users as well. WhatsApp apparently tested a new feature last month.

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