Will Elon Musk follow through on his threat and lose Twitter?

How much conflict does Twitter 2

Will Elon Musk follow through on his threat and lose Twitter?

Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter asking if he should resign as the company’s CEO a few hours after being photographed at the World Cup final in Qatar. Will Elon Musk follow through on his threat and lose Twitter?

The picture shows us two things. First, it depicts Musk standing next to Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former US President Donald Trump, whom Musk has attempted in vain to get to sign up for the social network he now owns. 

Musk is aware that a loud tweet from Trump would likely result in an emotional yet “potentially jackpot” moment for Twitter and attract a sizable audience.

Trump is aware of this, of course, and he also has his own goals, such as his own social network, Truth Social, to which he has so far remained committed. With all due respect, Musk hasn’t yet played his trump card.

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The second impression regarding the picture? It proves that Musk was near Saudi Arabia, the country with the greatest investment in Twitter. Did he drop by, and did they—along with the millions of Twitter users who do so each day—ask him some critical questions about his leadership during the preceding several months?

If Musk intended the poll to enhance his ego, it has spectacularly failed. Remember that the owner of Tesla sought fruitlessly for months to avoid purchasing this company.

As I write this, Musk’s Twitter account is abnormally silent. Obviously, it won’t continue to be the case forever. He has a reputation for paying close attention to polls. 

Furthermore, he has already asked Twitter users for their opinions on whether to sell expensive Tesla stock. To put it gently, it’s an unorthodox way to carry out large-scale commerce. But with Elon Musk, we’ve become accustomed to expecting the unexpected.

Even the highest-ranking employees that Musk first believed to be his allies, including Yoel Roth, Head of Trust and Integrity, have now left the firm and questioned Musk’s leadership.

But before you dust off your CV, consider the CEO of Twitter’s job description. 

Another issue is the history of irrational decisions that have defined recent months at Twitter. 

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