YouTube may soon provide free TV channels for viewing.

YouTube may soon provide free TV channels for viewing.

With the introduction of new features, YouTube will face off against Roku and Plex. YouTube may soon provide free TV channels for viewing.


Currently under test, YouTube will allow users to broadcast free, ad-supported TV Channels that offer content from certain media outlets. To make this vision a reality, the video streaming service is in negotiations with a number of businesses.

According to the rumors, YouTube has already started testing the new upgrade and intends to make it freely available later this year. The  reports that YouTube is presently in talks with Lionsgate and A&E, owners of the History, FYI, and Lifetime networks, about the new plans.

A single hub will house all of the stations, giving viewers a variety to pick from. With the introduction of the new functionality, YouTube will face off against Roku and Plex.

Currently, YouTube has a platform called YouTube Tv that operates on a comparable concept but requires a paid membership. The YouTube Tv brand may probably be used to sell the new function.

YouTube, a platform for sharing videos and socializing, is purportedly testing TV channel streaming, a brand-new, ad-supported service.

Currently, YouTube is in discussions with a number of businesses to bring TV series, movies, and entire TV stations to its platform, according to GSM Arena, a tech news website.

In reality, the business has claimed that it is already testing the service, with a small number of YouTube users participating.


For the time being, YouTube is measuring user interest; nevertheless, if all goes as planned, the Google-owned site may want a 45 percent share of the advertising revenue.

Notably, GSM Arena noted that this is also YouTube’s agreement with content producers.

This seems to be YouTube’s latest attempt to diversify. More recently, the streaming service signed an agreement with NFL Sunday Ticket, and this year it will begin streaming on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

According to GSM Arena, it’s also starting to split its ad money with YouTube Shorts producers, making the platform more profitable than TikTok.

Prior to this, YouTube began testing the iOS and Android versions of its queueing system. This functionality has been around for a while on the web and, in certain cases, appears in YouTube applications.

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