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watermark obtained from YouTube Soon there will be shorts for desktop and mobile.


If you watch any of the short videos posted on TikTok, you’ll see a watermark that moves around the screen while the video plays. For those wishing to remove the watermark and post the movie on other sites, this presents a particularly difficult challenge.

In the guise of YouTube Shorts, which it has been actively promoting, YouTube has a TikTok rival of its own. Alphabet’s video sharing platform has unveiled and put out a lot of features to incentivize creators to produce more shorts on the site, much like Meta is doing with Reels (its own alternative to TikTok).

It is now looking to implement a similar watermark for any shorts that users download, borrowing a page from TikTok’s playbook in the process. Sarah, Community Manager, Team YouTube, stated in a thread on Google’s support page that the new watermark feature will be rolled out to desktop over the coming weeks.

In the upcoming months, watermarks will be added to YouTube’s mobile version once they have been effectively implemented for desktop users. In a nutshell, the watermark function prevents producers from reposting a short without a clear YouTube watermark appearing on the video. This applies to every time a creator makes a short on YouTube and downloads the video to publish it on other platforms (like Instagram).

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The post on the thread stated, “We’ve added a watermark to the shorts you download so your viewers can identify that the content you’re sharing across platforms is from YouTube Shorts.”

It is obvious why YouTube chose to tack on watermarks to downloaded shorts. Many of the short videos on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels were first released on TikTok; instead of creating fresh material, producers just posted the same video on other platforms. This has led the platforms to take action to prevent duplicate content from being post to other platforms and to encourage producers to produce and publish original content. Additionally, viewers will be able to clearly identify the original platform the content was place on (in YouTube’s case, thanks to the watermark) if artists continue to repost content there.

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Instagram has already taken measures to assure this, one of which being the announcement in April of the establishment of “Rankings for Originality,” which does exactly what it sounds like it will. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram at the time, declared that they would favor original content over reposted content.

Source: Techcrunch

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