Equinor to Begin First Tranche of the 2024

The World’s Most Significant Energy Sources are Information and Participation.

Consistently, we stimulate the existences of more than 170 million individuals and organizations all over the planet. Behind everything lies 50 years of information, experience and participation across disciplines, organizations, and nations. We accept they hold the way to tackling the energy change, the best test within recent memory.

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Where we are

Equinor is available in around 30 nations all over the planet. We work in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe – and Norway.


Equinor’s office in Brussels addresses the organization’s advantages in the EU and offers help for Equinor’s gas showcasing and deals.


Equinor opened an office in Copenhagen in January 2024 to fabricate areas of strength for an in the nation, zeroing in on enlistment and business open doors inside the sustainable power industry. We are additionally present in Denmark through our auxiliaries the energy exchanging house Danske Items, and the main sunlight based engineer BeGreen.

Equinor in the European Union

Europe expects to give practical, reasonable and secure energy for its residents and ventures. In Equinor, we concur that energy ought to be protected, cutthroat and manageable. We accept our energy arrangements will add to the low-carbon Europe representing things to come.


Equinor, Q ENERGY and Green Giraffe have shaped Océole, an organization devoted to creating drifting seaward wind in France.

Q ENERGY (previous subsidiary with the RES bunch) is a perceived and verifiable player for renewables in France. Green Giraffe is a monetary counsel zeroed in on the sustainable power area. Together we bring a bunch of reciprocal experience and capacities expected to foster high-performing drifting seaward wind that will give maintainable, dependable, and reasonable energy.


Germany is expecting to become environment impartial by 2045 and Equinor is resolved to add to this objective by putting resources into renewables and low carbon arrangements. We assume a significant part in Germany’s energy security today while forming the country’s energy of tomorrow. We opened our most memorable office in Germany in 1984 and have been a solid provider of flammable gas from that point onward.


The Netherlands has aggressive environment focuses, with strategies holding back nothing decrease in CO2 discharges by 2030 and environment impartiality by 2050. Simultaneously, energy security and diminished energy reliance are high on the Dutch plan.

We accept it is fundamental to foster a decarbonised energy framework for Europe that makes occupations, invigorates industry and guarantees esteem creation – as well as giving energy to individuals and society.


As the main provider of energy to Europe and the biggest oil and gas administrator on the Norwegian Mainland Rack (NCS), we are zeroing in on mindful investigation, creation, and advancement of oil and gas assets as well as sustainable power arrangements.


In the period 2018-2019, Equinor consented to arrangements with Polenergia to secure a 50 % interest in the beginning stage seaward wind improvement projects MFW Bałtyk I, MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III.

Following 30 years in Russia, Equinor has now left all resources in the country. Equinor chose to begin this interaction on 27 February 2022 following the Russian attack of Ukraine.

2 September 2022:
Equinor can now affirm that the full exit from Kharyaga has likewise been finished.

Equinor to Begin First Tranche of the 2024 offer Repurchase Program

Equinor Renewables in Spain

The Spanish government means to change its energy blend and plans to foster up to 3 GW seaward wind by 2030. We are prepared to contribute.

That is the reason we have collaborated with Naturgy to investigate the potential for drifting seaward wind in Spain mutually. This incorporates the Canary Islands as well as different locales.

Together we bring the correlative experience and capacities expected to foster high-performing drifting seaward wind that will give economical, solid, and reasonable energy.

Welcome to Equinor in the UK

Equinor is England’s driving energy supplier, creating the steady and secure energy required today, while fostering the perfect arrangements we want for the energy of tomorrow.

While our underlying foundations are Norwegian, we’re no newbies to England. For north of 40 years we’ve assumed a key part in England’s energy security, providing oil, gas and wind power. Presently we’re focused on assuming a key part in assisting the UK with accomplishing a reasonable energy progress, while making the positions and pay expected to guarantee flourishing networks in England.

Tranche of the 2024

Equinor (OSE: EQNR, NYSE: EQNR) will on 8 February 2024 initiate the main tranche of up to USD 1.2 billion of the offer repurchase program for 2024, as reported at the Capital Market Update 7 February 2024.

In this first tranche of the offer repurchase program for 2024, shares for up to USD 396 million will be bought on the lookout, suggesting an all out first tranche of up to USD 1.2 billion including offers to be reclaimed from the Norwegian State. The tranche will end no later than 5 April 2024.

Equinor reports a two-year share repurchase program of all out USD 10-12 billion for 2024-2025, with up to USD 6 billion for 2024, including offers to be recovered from the Norwegian State. The offer repurchase program will be liable to showcase viewpoint and monetary record strength and be organized into tranches where Equinor will repurchase shares for a specific worth in USD over a characterized period. For the primary tranche in 2024, Equinor is going into a non-optional concurrence with an outsider who will execute repurchases of offers and settle on its exchanging choices freely of the organization.

Beginning of new offer repurchase tranches after the main tranche in 2024 will be concluded by the top managerial staff on a quarterly premise in accordance with the organization’s profit strategy and will be likely to existing and new board authorisations for share repurchase from the organization’s yearly regular gathering and concurrence with the Norwegian State in regards to share repurchase (as further depicted underneath).

The reason for the offer repurchase program is to lessen the given offer capital of the organization. All offers bought as a feature of the primary tranche for 2024 will hence be dropped through a capital decrease at the yearly comprehensive gathering of the organization in May 2024.


Additional data About the Offer Repurchase Program and the Primary Tranche:

The main tranche of the offer repurchase program for 2024 depends on an authorisation allowed to the governing body at the yearly comprehensive gathering of the Organizations hung on 10 May 2023. As per this authorisation, the greatest number of offers to be bought in the market is 94 million of which 39,964,807 stay accessible per beginning of the primary tranche in 2024 (considered purchase backs made under past tranches). The base value that can be paid per share is NOK 50, and the greatest cost is NOK 1,000. The authorisation is substantial until the earliest of 30 June 2024 and the yearly comprehensive gathering of the organization in 2024.

Managerial Staff

An understanding among Equinor and the Norwegian State controls the State’s support in the offer repurchase: at the yearly comprehensive gathering of the organization in 2024, the State will, according to proposition by the top managerial staff, vote in favor of the undoing of offers bought in the market as per the board authorisation, and the reclamation and crossing out of a proportionate number of its portions to keep up with its proprietorship share in the organization at 67%. The cost to be paid to the State for recovery of the State’s portions will be the volume-weighted normal of the cost paid by Equinor for shares bought in the market in addition to a loan fee pay, adapted to any profits paid.

In the first tranche in quite a while, will be bought on the Oslo Stock Trade and potentially other exchanging settings inside the EEA. Exchanges will be directed as per appropriate safe harbor conditions, and as additional set out in the Norwegian Protections Exchanging Demonstration of 2007, EU Commission Guideline (EC) No 2016/1052 and the Oslo Stock Trade’s Rules for repurchase projects and cost adjustment from February 2021.

Comparable Cycle

The top managerial staff will propose to the yearly regular gathering to be held in May 2024, to drop shares bought in the market in this first tranche in 2024 and to reclaim and drop a proportionate number of the State’s portions per the concurrence with the State. In view of restoration of this understanding, shares bought under resulting tranches of the offer repurchase program for 2024 and 2025 and a proportionate number of the State’s portions will follow a comparable cycle at the yearly regular gatherings of the organization in 2025 and 2026, separately.

This is data that Equinor is obliged to unveil compliant with the EU Market Misuse Guideline and that is dependent upon the exposure prerequisites as per Segment 5-12 the Norwegian Protections Exchanging Act.

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