Microsoft no longer to distribute Windows 10 licenses

After January, Microsoft no longer to distribute Windows 10 licenses.

Security updates will be available to users until October 2025. Now Microsoft no longer to distribute Windows 10 licenses.

After January, Microsoft will no longer sell Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Workstation licenses on its website.

Users of Windows 10 will still receive security upgrades protecting PCs from viruses and malware until October 14, 2025, even though the licensing service will be discontinue.

The announcement relates to customer direct license purchases via the Microsoft website. For Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, respectively, the website has been charging prices of $139 and $199 for the licenses.

Moving forward, OEM copies  on  Amazon as well as third-party shops, where licenses can now be purchase.

After January, you may still purchase licenses from other merchants like Amazon and Newegg as long as supply lasts; this is just the Microsoft shop side.

Despite the fact that many individuals still do not want to upgrade to Windows 11, this is not always good news for everyone, there are still a number of ways to activate a Windows 10 installation. For instance, because Windows 11 and 10 are comparable, you can activate Windows 10 using the license key for Windows 11.


Similarly, if you intend to upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, you may still activate Windows 10 using a Windows 7 or even a Windows 8.1 product key. Of course, provided you remove the previous installation first to release the license.

Because you’ll likely be utilizing an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license, which doesn’t authorize the transfer of the product key to another computer, bear in mind that you are only allow to do this in the machine with the original installation.

However, you can transfer the license if you have a retail edition of Windows that you bought separately from the machine as long as you first remove the previous installation to make room for it.

Finally, despite the fact that the website claims that you won’t be able to download Windows 10 after January 31, the page is actually referring to the commercial product. Until it is retire on October 14, 2025, the operating system files will still be accessible through the Microsoft download page.

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