Why ‘cotton candy planet’ exoplanet has experts fascinated

Why ‘cotton candy planet’ exoplanet has experts fascinated

WASP-107b is a scorching hot planet outside of our solar system that has been nicknamed the “cotton candy planet” because of its pink hue. This exoplanet has been fascinating to experts for a number of reasons.

  • WASP-107b is one of the hottest exoplanets ever discovered. With a surface temperature of over 500 degrees Celsius (932 degrees Fahrenheit), the planet is hotter than even Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. The extreme heat is likely due to the planet’s close proximity to its star, WASP-107. WASP-107b orbits its star so closely that it completes one orbit in just 20 hours.
  • WASP-107b is a gas giant. This means that the planet is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium, just like the giant planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn. Gas giants are much larger than Earth, and they do not have a solid surface.
  • WASP-107b’s atmosphere is very strange. The planet’s atmosphere is filled with sodium and potassium atoms, which give it its pink hue. The atmosphere also contains water vapor, which is unexpected for a planet that is so hot.

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  • WASP-107b is very close to its star. This means that the planet is tidally locked, which means that the same side of the planet always faces its star. This makes the planet very hot on one side and very cold on the other side.

Scientists are still trying to learn more about WASP-107b. They are particularly interested in studying the planet’s atmosphere to learn more about how it formed and how it has evolved over time. They are also hoping to discover whether there are any moons orbiting the planet.

WASP-107b is a fascinating example of an exoplanet. It is a reminder of the diversity of planets that exist in the universe. Scientists are continuing to learn more about exoplanets all the time, and they are making new discoveries that are expanding our understanding of the universe.


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