Google allow YouTube premium users to view 4K videos.


Google may eventually only allow YouTube premium users to view 4K videos.

For customers in India, YouTube’s normal premium subscription costs Rs 129 per month. Users can get background playback and ad-free videos with the premium subscription. YouTube premium view 4K videos now for all nearly. Users who subscribe to YouTube’s premium service can download videos for offline watching. 

Watching 4K videos will apparently soon be restrict to paying Premium subscribers only on the Google-owned video streaming service. Some YouTube viewers have posted on Reddit and Twitter about this new adjustment. The fact that not all users appear to have noticed this change suggests that YouTube is still testing the waters before rolling it out to all users.

Only YouTube Premium subscribers may see 4K videos.

On Reddit and Twitter, some iPhone users who use YouTube to watch videos have posted screenshots demonstrating the new change. Users of YouTube on other platforms are also likely to notice this change in the interim. A screenshot of the 2160p (4K) video quality option started to show along with a message that said “Premium,” advising viewers to tap on the video quality to subscribe to YouTube Premium, according to a Twitter user with the handle @sondesix (seen by MacRumours).

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After YouTube trialled 12 back-to-back commercials for non-Premium users, this new move began to take shape. The 4K quality option is now prohibit for a small number of users, as was already mentioned, and YouTube has not yet made any public announcements on how they want to proceed with the change.

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YouTube asserted in September 2021 that it had 50 million subscribers,  both its Premium and Music services. For comparison, in Q2 2022, Spotify Premium, a competing paid media service, had over 188 million users, and Netflix had over 220.7 million paying subscribers. By blocking access to 4K videos for non-Premium users, Youtube can increase sign-ups for Premium and increase the service’s revenue for Google.

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