Mercedes-Benz is implementing a new “acceleration tax.”

The BMW i4 M50 is an impressive piece of engineering.

To make some automobiles quicker, Mercedes-Benz is implementing a new “acceleration tax.”

Here is how the new software function will operate and why many people are not please with it. Imagine paying for one of a product’s essential components to run at maximum efficiency after you have purchased it at full price. Now Mercedes-Benz is implementing a new “acceleration tax.”

 According to a BBC story, Mercedes has acknowledged that it would charge customers $1200 (about Rs 97,878) annually to make their cars faster. Users would be able to accelerate more quickly and cut the time it takes a car to get from 0 to 60 mph . The Mercedes-Benz EQ, EQE 350, and EQS 450 will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds, as opposed to 6.2 seconds with the feature. Mercedes has not specified a launch date for the function.

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Manufacturers of automobiles have previously used software-based locks to prevent consumers from using certain functions unless they paid an extra cost. According to the article, the automaker BMW has also created a subscription service for its heated seats. Toyota, meanwhile, disclosed that it will charge users $8 (about Rs 652) each month to activate a function that enables remote car starting without a key. Elon Musk’s Tesla has also offered a one-time fee option that allows the Model 3 to accelerate a full half-second faster since 2019.

 It’s not entirely awful to use subscription models. The subscription model is require for some services. You are financing the upkeep of all the cellular towers and other network-related elements when you pay a monthly subscription for your phone service. Similar to this, when you pay for Netflix or another OTT site, you are funding the ongoing inclusion of new material as well as its constant production. The same reasoning holds true for other subscription models that you have likely been a part of for years, such as your water and gas bills.

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However, things like heat seats and quicker acceleration are only made possible by  software-modifying certain parts that are already in the vehicle.

 Customers should not be required to pay more because the parts used in the automobile to give it heated seats and faster speeds are a one-time addition from the manufacturer. Many individuals have expressed their opposition to the Mercedes “feature,” and since the change, customer opposition to the use of a subscription model for what ought to be one-time transactions has increased.


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