Microsoft warning to Internet Explorer users.

Microsoft warning to Internet Explorer users.

Despite the fact that it has been the subject of the worst jokes ever, Internet Explorer is still in use. Microsoft warning to Internet Explorer users.

Microsoft’s outdated, days-are-counting Internet Explorer is still available. Microsoft has officially announced that all support for Internet Explorer will expire in 2023. But a number of businesses are reportedly still using Internet Explorer as their primary browser.

Support for Internet Explorer has ended.

Microsoft will formally discontinue support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on some versions of Windows 10 devices on February 14, 2023. The business said that this will take place “through a Microsoft Edge upgrade, not a Windows update, as originally announced.”

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The business stated that any devices still using Internet Explorer 11 should switch to Microsoft Edge after the Microsoft Edge upgrade scheduled for February 14, 2023. Microsoft claims that switching from IE to the Microsoft Edge upgrade would improve the user experience and help enterprises transition their remaining IE11 users to Microsoft Edge.

Stated that Microsoft planned permanent incapacitation of the IE11 desktop application on February 14, 2023, won’t have any effects on businesses that have already switched from IE11 to Internet Explorer with IE mode. Microsoft noted in the blog post that any company that “retains dependence on IE11 must take some action now to complete your migration by February 14, 2023, or face business interruption at scale once users cut off access to IE11-dependent apps.”

The IE11 browser was no longer supported by Microsoft as of June 15 of this year, for the convenience of those who were not informed.

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